Sønderjylland - Enjoy the regional cuisine

Rikke Butler and Nelly Riggelsen from "Denmark's best amateur cooks"

Here in Sønderjylland we are at home. We are two women, who believe in ourselves and in Sønderjylland.
We love Sønderjylland, and we love the local food culture and the fantastic raw materials and products, that we have.
We are both passionate “Sønderjyder” - born and raised in Aabenraa. Our region is known for the diversity and variety in the culinary experiences, and we want to share it with our guests.
We have fantastic authentic restaurants, that rethinks new sønderjysk local cuisine and uses local products. Engaged producers, who are proud of their particular products, often have a farm shop or a restaurant, that can be visited.
Sønderjylland’s gastronomy is at a high level - expressing love and authenticity to the food being served.
We are pleased to have the opportunity to open a window to our region, and we look forward to welcome you to enjoy the Sønderjyske cuisine.

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