Maja Alm

Cycling and walking holidays in Aabenraa and the border district.

The nature in Aabenraa and the border district is very unique and feels completely untouched.

I love to run in the amazing forests found here. What I am particularly fascinated by, is the variety you can find in the forests.
There are everything from the east coast hilly beech forests, Jutlands heather areas, the pine forest plantations example Frøslevlejren. All makes different demands on those who move around in the terrain, but each offers the most charming areas with stunning views and diverse wildlife.
If I do not have to move around in running shoes, i also enjoy an active cycling holiday with family and friends. It's a great way to be together.
In Aabenraa and the border district there are many opportunities for this. An obvious trip is Hærvejen. I always look forward to coming home to the Sønderjyske clean and neat nature, and I will recommend others also to have benefit of this.
Maja Alm

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